Order of the Silver Branch

Who are We?

Silver Branch is a Wiccan Mystery Tradition with strong Celtic elements and a foundation in Traditional Witchcraft.  We are a spiritual community with a devotional practice that celebrates the Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year as well as the Esbats of the Full Moon with joy and caring.  

Our History

Founded in 2001, ours is a tradition built upon our training and blended with the individual faith and experience that each of us brings to this path.  The tradition grows as we grow, breathes as we breathe.  We are a matrilineal community of men and women who honor the Goddess and her Consort in their many forms.  They kindle the fire of inspiration in our studies and our daily practice.  Our love of community is the music of our rituals and a reflection of the God and Goddess in each of our lives. 


The Apprenticeship Program for the Order happens when a viable candidate presents themselves.  If you feel called to the Order, send us an email telling us about yourself, your  desires, experience and hopes.   If we feel you are sincere we will send an application.

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